We are a fully licensed auction company with a focus in contemporary art and charity auctions. We offer a complete set of services for selected artists, collectors and institutions in all matters regarding the art market. As art dealers, we acquire and sell artworks, represent a small set of favorite artists and exhibit at our premium venue Colonia Nova both, privately and publicly.

Founder and sole owner Fares Al-Hassan is a german auctioneer, curator and art dealer specialized in Contemporary Art with a focus on emerging artists. His companies Fly Auctions and Colonia Nova were established in 2007 and 2012 to unite his activities in the fields of Fine Arts and Inventive Technologies. He is co-founder of various enterprises and institutions such as the venue, artist residency and Tech-Inkubator Colonia Nova (colonianova.com), the Inventors and Development company Tentable Solutions (tentable.de), the Skyranch media agency (sky-ranch.de), the Moviemiento Film Festival (moviemiento.org), the Art Market Game ABAKUS and many other funny or rather boring things. Besides artworks, he spents most of his time with writing, stageacting and cultivating wine and tomatoes.

Fares Al-Hassan is now 40 years old and lives in Berlin.

(Only) If You are interested in fine artworks, a firm opinion or just some amazing tomato seeds, please contact directly: fly@fly-auctions.com